Prof. Markus B. Raschke

Office: F535, (303)492-1366
Cell: (720)315-9705

Interest in linear and nonlinear optical spectroscopy at surfaces and of nanostructures. For simultaneous spatial information we explore new routes for ultrahigh resolution optical imaging far beyond the diffraction limit. Topics include single molecule spectroscopy, surface photochemistry, molecular plasmonics as well as surface electron dynamics and electron-phonon interaction.


University of Colorado


University of Washington


Staff Scientist, Max-Born-Institute for Nonlinear and Ultrafast Optics, and Humboldt University, Berlin


Postdoc, University of California, Berkeley


PhD, Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics, and Technische Universitat, Munich

Lab administrator

Marga Powell

Lab administrator

Office: DUAN F533



Postdoctoral researchers

Eric Muller

Postdoctoral fellow
Office: D1B17

Tip-enhanced, time-resolved nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy of plasmons and phonons at surfaces, interfaces and nanostructured materials. We have developed ultra-broadband near-field vibrational spectroscopy in collaboration with the Advance Light Source synchrotron. We also investigate dynamic processes on their fundamental timescales with femtosecond time-resolved nano-spectroscopy.

PhD 2012 - University of California, Berkeley - Advisor: Dr. Charles B. Harris

Omar Khatib

Postdoctoral fellow

Ultrafast and nonlinear near-field nano-imaging and spectroscopy of correlated matter, van der Waals crystals, and other condensed matter systems; development of ultra-broadband nanospectroscopy in conjunction with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; extending nanoscale near-field methods into the various life sciences including geochemistry, biology, and other soft matter systems.

PhD 2014 - University of California, San Diego - Advisor: Dr. Dimitri Basov

Tao Jiang

Postdoctoral fellow
Office: D1B28

Tip-enhanced linear and nonlinear optical spectroscopy of low-dimensional materials and related devices; meanwhile I am designing a cryogen-free TERS system with Kyoung-Duck Park.

PhD 2015 - Fudan University, China - Advisor: Dr. Shiwei Wu

Fabian Menges

Branco Weiss fellow

Office: C229


Investigates the elementary steps of thermodynamic processes in quantum materials and molecules, by developing thermo-plasmonic nano-imaging and spectroscopy technique with spatio-temporal resolution down to the nanometer-femtosecond scale. Interested in the thermalization of molecular structures, the emergence of dissipative structures in strongly correlated materials, local thermoelectric effects in topological materials, phononic control of quantum phases, caloric effects in ferroic materials, polariton transport in van der Waals-layered materials.

PhD 2014 - ETH Zurich

Jun Nishida

Postdoctoral fellow

Ultrafast degenerate/non-degenerate near-field pump-probe spectroscopy and their further extension to multidimensional near-field spectroscopy. The samples of interest include catalytic molecular monolayers, organic/inorganic solar cells, and biological systems such as photosynthetic membranes.

PhD 2017 - Stanford University - Advisor: Dr. Michael D. Fayer

Kyoung-Duck Park

Postdoctoral fellow

Office: D1B21
Novel instrumentation on spatio-spectral-temporal-resolved tip-enhanced near-field spectroscopy and imaging in VIS-IR regime for the multi-characterization of quantum nano-materials, plasmonic nano-structures, and biomaterials. More information: Park research

PhD 2017 - University of Colorado, Boulder - Advisor: Dr. Markus B. Raschke

Graduate students

Sven Doenges

Physics Graduate Student

Ultrafast near-field pump-probe nano-imaging and spectroscopy, low temperature ultrafast infrared s-SNOM of correlated electron materials

Molly May

Physics Graduate Student
Office: D1B19

Fluorescent nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond nanoparticles for scanning probe and super-resolution microscopy with magnetic field sensitivity.



Sam Johnson

Physics Graduate Student
Office: D1B21

Infrared s-SNOM on both soft and hard matter materials.

Thomas Gray

Physics Graduate Student
Office: D1B19

Infrared s-SNOM on both soft and hard matter materials.



Liang-Chun Lin (Jenny)

Physical Chemistry Graduate Student

Office: D1B17

Currently working with Molly and Tao in Raman lab on layered 2D TMDs imaging. Will also work with Fabian on Cryogenic plasmon-enhanced spectroscopy.

Yijian Cai

Physics Graduate Student
Office: D1B17

Ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy and imaging of low-dimensional and nano-structured materials with nano-focused light source.

Ping Wang

Physics Graduate Student
Sichuan University

Multimodal Raman, IR, electron, and X-ray imaging and spectroscopy. Biomineralization, optical crystallography, crystal chemistry, mineral physics.

Zhou Zhou

Physics Graduate Student

Tongji University

Study optical meta-material and 2D quantum materials and devices.

Undergraduate students

Jun Yan

Engineering Physics Undergraduate Research Assistant
Office: D1B28. (720)878-2158

Using infrared near-field and far-field spectroscopy to probe thermal and magnetic properties with nanoscale and femtosecond resolution.


Brian O'Callahan

Postdoctoral fellow

Development of low and room temperature ultrafast infrared s-SNOM at our partner laboratory PNNL/EMSL as part of the user facility to image biological and environmental systems. Experience with tracking ultrafast Surface Plasmon Polariton pulses in space and time using heterodyne detection technique. Studying charge/energy transfer and imaging optoelectronic properties of many low dimensional materials at nanoscale using correlated
single molecule spectroscopy and electrostatic force microscopy (EFM).

Former Group Members

Gayle Geschwind   Graduate student 2018

Evan Anderson   Undergraduate Honor student 2018

Brian O'Callahan   Graduate student, PhD 2017; Postdoc, PNNL/EMSL

Jiarong Wang   Master student 2017

Vasily Kravtsov   Graduate student, PhD 2017; Postdoc, ITMO University (Saint Petersburg)

Ben Pollard   Graduate student, PhD 2017; Postdoc CU PER group

Bernd Metzger   Postdoc 2017; TRUMPF

Ronald Ulbricht   Postdoc 2016; Nanyang Technological University

Peter Van Blerkom   Masters Student 2016

Dan Hammerland   Honors thesis 2016

Honghua Yang   Graduate student, PhD 2015; Anasys Instruments

Joanna Atkin   Postdoc 2014; Professor, UNC Chapel Hill

Paul Sass   Honors Thesis 2013, Researcher at PNNL; graduate student Rutgers

Sam Berweger   Graduate student, PhD 2012; Postdoc NIST

Justin Gerber   Honor thesis 2013; graduate student UC Berkeley

Molly May   Honors thesis 2012; graduate student CU Boulder

Rob Olmon   Graduate student, PhD 2012; Intel Portland

Andrew Jones   Graduate student, PhD 2012; Postdoc University of Wisconsn, Madison

Evan Jasper   Honors thesis 2012; graduate student Ohio State

Xiaoji Xu   Postdoc 2011; University of Toronto

Anqi Cheng  

Emily Chavez   undergraduate/REU, 2010-2012;

Erik Hebestreit   exchange student DAAD-RISE 2010, Diplom thesis 2012; graduate student University of Jena

Simon Hannibal   exchange student DAAD-RISE 2010; Manchester University

Ryan Murdick   postdoc, 2010; RHK

Erik Josberger   undergraduate research, visiting scientist, 2006-2010; graduate student UW

Kseniya Deryckx   undergraduate/graduate student, MS 2010; University of Washington School of Medicine

Julie Cass   REU student, 2010; graduate student UW

Alexandria Anderson   graduate student, MS 2010; Femtolasers, Max-Born Institute

Catalin Neacsu   graduate student Max-Born-Institute, PhD 2008, postdoc UW 2010; Femtolasers

Friedrich Kirchner   Diplom thesis, Humboldt University, 2009; Attoworld

Matthias Rang   Diplom Max-Born-Institute, UW, 2007; Forschungsinstitut am Goetheanum, CH

Rachel Hinman   summer student, 2009

Brent Crabtree   undergraduate, 2009

Felix Rust   undergraduate research, 2002-2004

Gesine Steudle   undergraduate research 2003-2004; PhD Humboldt University 2012

Leo Molina   graduate student 2003; PhD University of Tubingen 2010, TU Darmstadt