Reviews and highlights


Infrared Chemical Nano-Imaging: Accessing Structure, Coupling, and Dynamics on Molecular Length Scales

By:Eric A. Muller, Benjamin Pollard, and Markus B. Raschke

J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 6, 1275-1284 (2015)[more]


Ultrafast and Nonlinear Plasmon Dynamics

By:Markus B. Raschke, Samuel Berweger and Joanna M. Atkin

Plasmonics: Theory and Applications (Springer 2014)[more]


The thermal near-field: Coherence, spectroscopy, heat-transfer, and optical forces

By:Andrew C. Jones, Brian T. O'Callahan, Honghua U. Yang, Markus B. Raschke

Progress in Surface Science, 88, 349 (2013)[more]


Optical spectroscopy goes intramolecular

By:Joanna M. Atkin, Markus B. Raschke

Nature 498, 44 (2013)[more]


High-harmonic generation with plasmonics: feasible or unphysical?

By:Markus B. Raschke

Annalen der Physik 525, A40 (2013)[more]


Nano-optical imaging and spectroscopy of order, phases, and domains in complex solids

By:Joanna M. Atkin, Samuel Berweger, Andrew C. Jones and Markus B. Raschke

Advances in Physics 61, 745-842 (2012)[more]


Light on the Tip of a Needle: Plasmonic Nanofocusing for Spectroscopy on the Nanoscale

By:Samuel Berweger, Joanna M. Atkin, Robert L. Olmon, and Markus B. Raschke

J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 3, 945−952 (2012)[more]


Tip-enhanced Raman imaging and nanospectroscopy: Sensitivity, symmetry, and selection rules

By:C. C. Neacsu, S. Berweger, and M. B. Raschke

Nanobiotechnology 3, 172 (2007)[more]


Lasers in Physics: Sum-frequency generation at surfaces

By:M. B. Raschke and Y. R. Shen

in Encyclopedia of Modern Optics, eds. B. Guenther et al., Academic Press, London, 2004[more]


Nonlinear optical spectroscopy of solid interfaces

By:M. B. Raschke and Y. R. Shen

Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science 8, 343 (2004)[more]