Welcome to Physics 1140:
Experimental Physics 1

This is the general website for news and information associated with the course. Lectures and Labs will begin on 08/26. Content will be mirrored on D2L.

Meeting time and location: 4:00-4:50 pm Monday for section 100 and 4:00-4:50 Tuesday for section 200, in Duane G1B30.

Instructor: Joanna Atkin
Email: joanna.atkin@colorado.edu
Office: D1B17 (down the hall from the main office).
Office hours: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM on Tuesday, or by appointment.

Lab Coordinator: Scott Pinegar
Office and contact: Duane G2B78A, Tel: 492-6840, email: Scott.Pinegar@colorado.edu

Week 5

Homework 4 is the last homework! Due 10/09 at 4pm. A few sample Mathematica notebooks have been posted in the "Downloads" section, which may be helpful to you.

There will be a midterm on D2L, available from 10/14 to 10/16. I'll send out more information about this by email.

Week 4

This week you start your second lab, one of the mechanics labs M2-M6. Homework 3 is now posted, and due 10/2.

Week 3

Since the schedules have been disrupted by the weather, everyone (including the Monday sections) will start the second Mechanics lab next week. Make sure you've signed up for a lab, and come prepared with the prelab questions!

Homework 2 has been posted, this is due next Wednesday, 09/25.

Lab 1 and homework 1

This week you should be completing the second week of lab M1. When you've completed that lab, you should sign up for your next lab. You can choose from the other mechanics labs, M2-M6.

The first homework has also been posted, this is due next Wednesday (9/18) at 4pm. Please drop it off in your TA's box in G2B66.

Labs start this week

This week you will be beginning Lab M1, the simple pendulum. If you didn't pick up a lab manual in lab last week, they are available for download with the other course materials. Remember to complete your prelab and hand it in before getting started with the experiment!

People with Monday labs will have their first lab section *next* Monday, 9/9.

Have a nice Labor Day!