Physics 4510 - Fall 2013

Welcome to Physics 4510: Optics.

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Breaking News for 4510

I will post important updates on course matter here. 

We will have a term paper instead of a final exam. However, instead of just selecting a topic and then never see or hear from me, or Will, or Sven, until you submit the paper and receive a grade, I envision a very interactive process. So here are the rules:

  1. You are encouraged to stick to your topic from the midterm. If you wish to change, please let me know, and with a new topic suggestion.
  2. Timeline:
    • Th, Dec. 5: finalize topic
    • Tu, Dec. 10: submit outline
    • Th, Dec. 12: submit literature sources you plan to use
    • Tu, Dec. 17: submit 2 pages of text (can be from some part in the middle of things)
    • Fr. Dec. 20, midnight: submit final paper
  3. We will post and hand out further guidelines on scientific writing in class.
  4. Submission process: pdf's by email to me, with cc to Will, and Sven.
  5. Length: Min 5, max 8 pages, following the style guide attached.
  6. Format: whether you submit a paper to a conference, a journal, or a research proposal, you will experience very strict formatting requirements. Journals, funding agencies, and conference organizers will screen paper if they comply to the style guide - if not, they reject without review.

For the term paper we will follow the style guide from the Optical Society of America.

The necessary style files are here:

Scroll down to find two versions, optimized for Mac or PC users.

Use the style guide for all future submissions and submit as pdf (convert your file to pdf).

Please start the filename of your submissions with your last name so we can sort them more easily after downloading them.

The rubric for the term paper is now available mixed among the downloads.