Physics 1140 - Fall 2012

Welcome to Physics 1140: Experimental Physics 1. This is the first semester of our introductory lab courses. This is your first opportunity to get into the lab and play with lab equipment on your own. We will explore proper techniques to make measurements, record the data, analyze and report them.

For update on grades go to D2L.

Breaking News for 1140

I will post important updates on course matter here. 

September 13:  In the download section we have made the first part of the course reader available to complement the lecture notes and provide further details and examples.

Reminder: homework is due next Tuesday. 

September 10:  I am out of town Mo and Tu. The lecture will take place and given by Scott Pinegar. I have already posted the lecture notes. A hw assignment will be given and posted after the lecture. It is due Tu next week. 

Lab: please as a first resource for lab related questions, contact your TA before resorting to me.

Note for the lab reports: There is that bad habit of dropping the zero before the comma in numbers like 0.123. Do not write it as .123 in your lab reports. You will loose points and it is dangerous. There are many instances where the missing number was not meant to be "0" but was a simple typo. Airplanes have crashed because the missing number was incorrectly interpreted as a zero. 

The notation of .123 was invented for pocket calculators. It allows for one extra digit to be displayed within the finite display length. It has no use anywhere else outside a pocket calculator display.

August 22:  There will be no labs in the first week of class. Labs will start with the MathCad primer on Tu, Sept. 4. We will also skip one week of lecture and homework due to Labor day on Sept. 3. I.e., there will be no classes and no homework assignment on Mo 9/3 and Tu 9/5.