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Lecture Notes

Lecture 1 (August 22/23). 

Lecture 2 (August 29/30).

Lecture 3 (September 12/13).

Lecture 4 (September 19/20).

Lecture 5 (September 26/27).

Lecture 6 (October 9/10).

Problem sets


1.9 K


78 K


64 K


66 K


59 K

Help for hw 4

Some help and hints for homework 4. 

Note the revised due date: October 10.

1) I have reposted the data set, and sorted the data in ascending fashion. This will help you when editing the file and removing erroneous measurements as is asked as part of problem d). 

2) If you choose to use mathcad (any other program you are familiar with is of course also allowed) to plot the histograms and for the statistical analysis, here is a suggested procedure:

1. Save the g_data.txt file from the downloads to the desktop of the computer by right clicking on the link and "Save as..."
2. Open the "histogram" program inside of the "Scratch Folder" on the desktop of the lab computers.
3. There are 357 data points so type 357 in the "N:="
4. Delete the "Yi:=" this is where you will import the g data.
5. Go to the "Insert" tab on the top and navigate to "Data" and then to "Data Import Wizzard"

Once in the Data Import Wizzard:
a.) File Format: Delimited Text (Leave this alone)
b.) Browse: navigate to the data file you saved to the desktop
c.) Finish.

6. Name the data list "Y" (you should now see that a histogram is plotted and all of the red in the program has changed to black
7. Change the bin size:
evaluate "h" (size of bins) so you can see what the bin width will be
change the bin width by changing the "n" (number of bins) value until "h" is the desired size
8. Double click on the histogram and change traces from "step" to "bars"
9. Repeat as needed.
The histogram program will give the mean, standard deviation, and standard deviation of the mean. 

3) To edit the data file after inspecting the histogram, use Word or Edit, and save it under a new file name. Then repeat the procedure above with the reduced data set as described in the homework sheet. 

Guide to writing your lab report

This document gives you some guidance how to prepare you lab report and what is expected to receive a good score.