Physics 1140 - Fall 2011

Welcome to Physics 1140: Experimental Physics 1. This is the first semester of our introductory lab courses. This is your first opportunity to get into the lab and play with lab equipment on your own. We will explore proper techniques to make measurements, record the measurements, analyze and report the measurements.

For update on grades go to D2L.

Breaking News for 1140

October 13: There will be no more lecture and no more homework. But do not forget what we have covered. It is relevant for your lab reports. Please see summary in last lecture. 

September 29: Due date for homework 4 has been extended to October 10. This is also your last homework assignment. Reminder: there is no midterm or final exam. So we are done with the bulk of the course work and for the rest of the semester you just need to focus on the remaining labs and lab reports. The last lecture will be October 10/11.

September 12: Due to the large enrollment and the limited number of computer terminals in the lab we decided to lift the restriction that lab reports have to be written in the lab. 

Please read carefully: Starting with your second lab you are allowed to take your data sheet home with you and write your lab report at home using your own software. This is an additional offer and you can of course continue to write your report in the lab. The lab remains open 8:00 to 17:00, and staffed with TA who can help you if you have any questions as before. 

If you work from home as software we allow mathematica, matlab, maple, or mathcad, depending on your preference (not excel, origin, etc.). But please understand that we can not provide a software license for your personal computer. As before you submit a typed and printed lab report, using your original date that were initialed by your TA, and stapled to your report. If you worked from home you have to upload (use USB memory stick, or email to yourself) your report to the computers in the lab into your desktop directory (as you did with the M1 report) by the lab due date. 

You may also bring your own laptop to the lab. But please also understand that if you choose to work with your own computer, or software, here or at home, it is your responsibility to be sufficiently proficient with it to prepare an adequate lab report that is legible and self-explanatory with data properly graphed, axis labeled, units, text, etc. 

August 30:  We will skip one week of lecture and homework due to Labor day on Sept. 5; there will be no classes and no new homework on Mo 9/5 and Tu 9/6.

August 25: Syllabus change - only one lab meeting per experiment - no second meeting for lab report preparation: Due to the large enrollment you only have one scheduled lab meeting with the TA to perform the experiment. There will be no second scheduled meeting to write the lab report. Instead, you prepare the lab report on your own time using the computers in the lab. Due date is 7 working days after the experiment. Please see syllabus link for details. 

NOTE: You are encouraged to work on your lab report as soon as possible after completion of your experiment. Note that you have to find a free computer terminal. If you push your report to the last minute before your due date you may not find a free computer if you come at a popular time. 

August 23: Due to the large class sizes for logistics reasons we will NOT have a midterm exam. Instead there will be one extra regular homework assignment (5 total). The grade will then be based 30% on the hw and 70% on lab work (see revised syllabus for details).